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Mission and Goals

The mission of Kingman Academy of Learning is to provide quality education to children in grades pre-school through twelfth grade. To give students the educational foundation for life long success. It is the goal of Kingman Academy to be a basic skills school emphasizing the reading and language arts areas, social studies, math, and science. Many activities will be provided in writing across the curriculum, with emphasis on correct writing procedures. Behavior goals will be based on students being responsible and respecting the rights of all people. There will be a strong relationship between parents and the school. They will become partners in the learning process. We would like to encourage all aspects of the community to support the functions of the school.

1. Academic Excellence - Students that meet or exceed their academic goals will be a success in the classroom,
and will become college/career ready.

2. Good Student Attendance - Attending school every day is very important for academic growth, student
achievement and high self-esteem.

3. Parent Involvement - Teachers and parents should be viewed by the student as a team, working together for
the good of the student.

4. High Standards for Student Behavior - Students who learn they are responsible for their own behavior learn
they are responsible for shaping their own lives. High standards for student behavior foster an atmosphere of
respect for fellow classmates and teachers, as well as create a classroom environment where all students are
able to learn without distractions and teachers are allowed to teach without disruptions